The SAFONOVSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY has accumulated vast experience in the development and application of new technologies of oil and gas sector.


We have developed oil fields and operated successfully in different regions of the Russian Federation and neigbouring countries with serial tonnage industrial modular production unit in these regions. We operate virtually, low power, eco-friendly. With a workflow flexibility, our adaptability in relation to the raw materials used and the development of petroleum and petrochemical products and increasing the output of target products.

Our professionals have developed more than three dozen unique projects in the oil and gas and chemical industries. Currently we are a leading manufacturer of petroleum and petrochemical products in Russia, supplying our products to both the local market in all regions of the Russian Federation and expanding our supply capability to the international market both far and near.

The structure of the company includes:
design - development of technological systems;
production - the direct production of equipment;
design - razrabatyvanie projects on construction of small oil and gas processing facilities;
Engineering - launch and supervision of completed projects;
Management - coordination of units ensures fast order fulfillment at any level
Objectives of the company: To provide the market demand for equipment and services needed in the construction and operation of small-capacity oil and gas refining and chemical industries.
Production of products at our various plants total least twenty one million tons of petroleum products per year. Such small-scale installations are available for a wide range of business projects thanks to its competitive price.

Unlike the giant expensive productions on processing of oil and gas condensate at the mini-refineries have no problems with the infrastructure, maintenance huge territorial area, long-distance transportation of raw materials and products, as well as - with the maintenance of expensive equipment in working condition. Mini refinery - a mobile production, fully automated, do not require a large staff and keep working in any climate.
Our refinery is capable of handling crude oil, petroleum products and gas condensate without any changes in equipment design. Our units are intended for the production of gasoline, diesel and fuel oil(Mazut), Jet fuel JP54 at the field or in close proximity to our storage facilities for petroleum products. Production of petroleum products is created with a moderate investment and in a short time.
Our refineries and its plants in the production of our products is fully automated and designed to operate with minimal staff.

The SAFONOVSKIY PETROLEUM REFINERY has accumulated vast experience in the development and application of new technologies of oil and gas sector.


SAFONOVSKIY NPZ produces high quality petroleum and petrochemical products which are sold in the local market and also exported to the international market.


With the development of the industry has increased the need for diesel fuel and oil. These products are necessary for the economy of almost all enterprises and the country as a whole.


Cooperation with our company ensures a guarantee of timely delivery on the petroleum and petrochmical products purchased from our refinery and a safe delivery to the buyers destination.